Yet Another Journal

I am wrong about a lot of things. So a lot of content on this journal is going be wrong. I have made peace with this, because the fear of being wrong has made me delete many journals in the past. This is fear fokol.

Writing helps me calm my mind down, unfortunately outside of code and emails I don't write much. I read too much than I write. I certainly don't post on social media as much as I scroll. I mean, there's no balance and I feel it everyday. I am consuming more than I am giving out. This journal will be unfiltered and will live on my home domain and edited by me. and chatgpt. I will be writing about this experience we call life, super advanced tools we call technology and honestly everything in-between. I don't know much else.

Today, I'm a college dropout startup CTO. I will start writing about that at-least, and the different work I do, the amazing people and organisations I have worked with.